Mansfield Cares is moving full speed ahead in planning the upcoming Mansfield Cares Golf Classic. The proceeds will benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association as well as other selected Mansfield Cares charities.

Here is Caleb’s story

For the first 6 months of his life, Caleb had little noticeable growth issues. As the months rolled by, however, Caleb’s parents started to get concerned because his legs were not developing like the rest of his body. He began to began to struggle with crawling and even swallowing food. By 12 months, Caleb had lost all movement in his legs.

In 2016, two-year old Caleb was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA Type 2) at the MDA Care Center at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando. In December 2016, the FDA approved the drug Spinraza, the first-ever treatment for the disease. This advancement was made possible through research funded by MDA. In February, 2017, Caleb was approved to begin Spinraza treatments every 4 months. He has new hope. Caleb’s parents started to notice real improvements after his 4th loading dose. He is now able to roll over again, lift his arms, feed himself, and propel himself much better in his manual chair. Most of all, Caleb has regained movement in his legs and is able to stand with the support of his knee-ankle-foot orthoses (KAFO).

Stories about children like Caleb remind us at Mansfield Cares why we do what we do. We hope you’ll agree and join us for this year’s event.